Australian Universities - a Smart Investment

The Deloitte Access Economics report shows university education and research play a key role in

  • Economic prosperity

  • Productivity growth

  • Boosting living standards

Here’s how universities make a difference to the economy

10% of GDP in 2014 was attributed to the impact of university research

$160 billion was generated by knowledge and technology from university research in 2014

Every $1 invested in university research produces a $5-$10 return to the economy

$140 billion is what all university qualified workers in the economy added to GDP in 2014

Australian Universities

  • Create Jobs

  • Lead Innovation

  • Generate vital research

  • Increase economic growth

UNSW Australia’s contribution

$1.76 billion was contributed to the Australian economy in 2014 through UNSW’s operations, and student and visitor spending

11,700 full-time jobs created by UNSW operations, and student and visitor spending in 2014

$15b added to GDP in 2014 from the impact of UNSW research on knowledge and technology

$204m added to GDP in each year from the UNSW graduating class of 2013 (undergraduate students)

Get Involved

Australian universities are a smart investment, from the research we perform through to the economic activity generated, the numbers speak for themselves.

But a dramatic transformation lies ahead, to fund the innovation, industries and jobs to compete in the coming ‘knowledge economy’ Australia must invest heavily in the smarts and skills of our people.

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A Real Impact

From powering our future to developing lifesaving drugs here are just 10 UNSW innovations that have changed the world and are helping to pave the way to an even better tomorrow.